image (c) Paul Willows

At the heart of the four-day Core Festival Weekend (30 August – 2 September) were four clusters of commissions, exhibitions and performances, in four diverse locations spread across this large and beautiful area of Southwest Scotland.

The commissions were awarded to well-known and emerging artists from home and abroad. All were specially developed to reflect the 2013 festival theme of Energy and the Land.
Each day saw a special emphasis put on one of the artworks – making it the focus for a host of other activities and events. These included talks, dance, performance, live music, a picnic and a ceilidh.

4 Days

4 Themes

28 Artworks & Events

And You


EAFS Satellite Weekends

After the Core Festival weekend, EAFS continued for a further 3 weekends in September – these were the Satellite Weekends and see the distinctive areas of the region bringing their own particular cultural character to the overall festival through the work of artists that live there.